So who am I?

I am an retired adult entertainer. I modeled for adult magazines; I still do custom adult XXX films from time to time; and I was an exotic dancer. And although I'm older and out of the Professional side I still enjoy all those things.

I was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I grew up as a Western gal. I road  horses (bareback, where I experienced my first orgasm), danced the two step, off road four wheeling and partied with the best of them. I went to college where I studied and graduated. I was always a bit of an exhibitionist so after awhile I thought "now it's time to really express myself." But I was in my early 40's when I started.
On a dare I went, with friends, to a Strip Club and did it :-). I just took to the music, the people and the moment. They took to me and  I went on to work various clubs and started doing magazine layouts.
On another dare I submitted photos to Over 40 Magazine where I appeared as Cover girl 2-3 times and won Model Of the Year.
I have appeared in dozens of magazines in the 1990's from Over 40, Forty Plus to Fetish and Girl-Girl Wrestling. None of my magazine appearances can be found anywhere on the internet. My hubby bought several cases when they were first published and today we are able to sell them for a very reasonable price. Email me.

Somewhere in the middle of all my escapades I was approached to appear in an adult movie. I took a chance and had a great experience. I actually shot more Fetish movies than hardcore, but all was a great experience and I met and worked with many top performers both on the East Coast (NYC) and West.

List of my Movies


Speaking Sexually........

I enjoy oral sex. I love to give it and to receive it.  I love hard and deep intercourse, and I enjoy anal from time to time. I like to look, dress and feel sexy. I hardly ever wear panties, G-strings or bras except those occasions were one must, and for photos shoots..

I care about cleanliness and sexually transmitted diseases. I take every precaution to insure my health and that of others.  


I like well dressed, nicely groomed and honest people who can communicate. Caring and humor are also very important. Well that's my story. I won't bore you with anymore. I know you want to look at the pictures. List of my movies.






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