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I ________________________________( Print name) certify that I am over the age of 18 (eighteen) years and I am ordering items of an adult nature. I am not affiliated with any Law Enforcement Agency, Anti Porn Group, or the United States Postal System. I understand the these items are of an adult nature and that the laws of my City, Town, Borough, County, State or Country do not find it illegal to receive or own material of this nature.
My birthday is: _____________________________, making me the age of __________________ .
The pictures or Videos I am ordering are for my own private use and not for any commercial enterprise.
They are Not for posting on the Internet; Not to be published in any magazine, newspaper or graphic art publication.
This material is not for any Public display, Sale or Resale, Duplication or distribution of any kind without the written approval of Stefani Weaver.
Not to be resold or given away in any manor that could be viewed as making a profit. I release Stefani Weaver, her staff and Associates of any wrong doing. I take full responsibility of any wrong doing, should any exist.

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